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Here we are. We are a wild and crazy bunch of printing professionals.

  • I joined Target Print & Mail in 2004. Over the years I have worked in many different capacities – as a Customer Service Rep, with our Customized Course Notes, in Production, in Sales, as a Manager and finally as President in 2009. One of the things I love about my job is that no day is the same as the one that came before it. Each day we face new challenges and projects, and seeing the creativity that comes from both our clients and our team is a huge thrill.

    Bucket List: Going to the Oscars, Traveling to Every Continent But Antarctica, Profesional Wine Taster
    Favorite Tallahassee Hangout: A good show at Cascades Park
    Quote to Live By: "Not all who wander are lost"

  • I started at Target Print & Mail in 1983, and have been here on and off ever since. I have an AA degree from TCC and attended FSU. Over the years, I have worked in most of the aspects of this business. Being the Office Manager, I take pride in doing my job the best way possible to get the job done. I am very detail oriented, and you need that to perform this job well.

    Nickname: “Mom”
    Favorite Pastime: Watching football and going to FSU football games
    Tallahassee Hangout: Publix...I am there enough
    Favorite Paper stock: Astrobright covers because They are bright and stand out.

  • Although I am not of native of Florida, Northwest Florida had been my home for many years. Becoming a FSU Alumnus has been one of many enriching experiences since moving to the Big Bend. The greatest pleasure I experience at Target Print & Mail is the satisfaction of being able to assist my co-workers and our customers. From the smallest to the biggest of endeavors, I serve to "get the job done". Yes, I wear a cape under my Target polo, and I am ready to be called into action!

    Hidden Talent: Poetry writing
    Unofficial Title: "The Fixer"
    On the Bucket List: Tandem Skydive & Flash Dance in a Mall
    Favorite Movie: The Lion King, therefore I live by the words Hakuna Matata

  • I love my co-workers and facing new challenges every day. I studied Visual Communications & Graphic Design, but have discovered on the job training is the very best teacher. I’m very good at figuring out how to do things, and coming up with creative solutions for customers to look their very best. My passion is researching new technologies and understanding how we can apply them to our customers businesses to help them grow.

    Hidden Talent: Master Bread Baker
    Childhood Dream Job: John Hammond, Founder of Jurassic Park
    Favorite Quote: "A party without a cake is just a meeting" – Julia Childs

  • I’m here to help clients navigate the dizzying world of print & mail and turn their projects into finished pieces that make them look good. My favorite part of my job is working at the ground level on a new campaign or piece of collateral and then seeing it out in the marketplace making an impact. Call me and you’ll hear: “Yep, we can do that!”

    Hobbies: Golf, working out, piano, cooking
    Expert of: Diplomacy. Mainly resolving conflict between my two daughters.
    Favorite Paper Stock: Linen cover. Solid, classic, with a texture that draws you in.

  • Since 2004, I’ve loved meeting and working with so many different people in the community, and with my expertise, exceeding expectations of what their printing service can be. I attended Florida A&M University and have previously worked with Aetna Life & Casualty, Hallmark Cards and USA Today.

    Hidden Talent: I play guitar
    Childhood Dream Job: Working for either DC or Marvel comics as an illustrator
    Connoisseur of: Cologne
    Professional Business Motto/Philosophy: “You can’t always be first, but you can be next. “

  • I have worked for Target Print & Mail as Campus and Sales Representative since 2010. I like to solve problems and build relationships with customers. I always take care of my customers in the manner I would want to be taken care of. My customers are my friends, and I care about the job I do for them. Each time a customer gives me the opportunity to work for them and I deliver a great product, our relationship grows. It’s great when people know you can be counted on to get the job done.

    Hidden Talent: Soccer Coach
    Bucket List: Grand Canyon, Eiffel Tower
    Quote to Live By: Smile and say 'Hello". It might just make someone's day.
    Unofficial Title: Target Packet Girl

  • I'm the new kid in the TPM team. I have brought my knowledge from Modern Mailers to Target Print and Mail along with my love of creative problem solving when faced with extremely complicated data sets in mail merges. I have handled mass mailings with the United States Postal Service and bring the detailed knowledge of the guidelines and regulations within the world of mail.

    Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
    Favorite Holiday: New Year's Eve
    Hobbies: Playing Guitar, watching movies and spending time with my son

  • I was born and raised at the Jersey Shore before MTV made a mockery of it – Cape May Court House to be precise. I earned my BA in Political Science from York College (PA) in 1999 and worked for various newspapers in New England before moving to Florida in 2003 to be with the woman who would eventually be my wife. I’ve done it all at Target Print & Mail, Delivery Driver, CSR, Key Operator, and now Client Service Liaison. I do a lot of coordinating between customers and the departments, which involves quoting, troubleshooting, file preparation and generally making sure projects print perfectly. The thing I like to hear the most is when a customer is satisfied with the final product and how smoothly it went to get there. I have been part of the TPM Team since 2003.

    Nickname: Bo and Bemis
    Childhood Dream Job: Jedi Knight.
    Quote to Live By: "Just because you're correct doesn't mean you're right." - Shirou Emiya
    Favorite Paper Stock: Xerox (XRX) - it's probably in my 401K

  • Originally from Massachusetts I moved down to Tallahassee because I wanted to trade snow for the beach. Then I learned the beach is about an hour away from here, but decided to stick around anyways because at least the snow was gone. Since 2015, Target has given me the tools to become a bit of a jack of all trades in this industry. My favorite part of my job is that it's rare that any day is like the last. Each day I come in with a complete new set of goals, tasks and ways I can help produce a quality product.

    Favorite Tallahassee Hangout: The Wilbury
    Hidden Talent: My name might give it away a bit, but I would say cooking.
    Hobbies: Music and Travel
    Favorite Holiday: Halloween

  • In addition to the individuals above, we have a rock solid team of CSRs and Production folks who work hard each and every day to make our customers smile.

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