DeShaun Fernadez, Project Manager

DeShaun moved to Tallahassee in 2013 to pursue a degree at FSU. He graduated with his Bachelor’s in Psychology and made his way over to Target Print & Mail in 2018. DeShaun has worked through many different departments before landing as a Project Manager up front. Along with Edie, he take in orders and sees that they’re fulfilled to your satisfaction. DeShaun’s favorite part about working for Target Print & Mail is giving back to the community that supports us. Click for more about DeShaun.

Interests: Singing, Dancing, Makeup, Video Games
Favorite Tallahassee Hangout: Black on Black Rhyme at Nefetari’s on Tuesdays
My favorite quote: “Half the world’s gonna love you, half the world’s gonna hate you – but the whole world’s thinking about you” – Morgan McMichaels

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