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Creative Inspiration for Business Holiday Cards 

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Published On: November 16th, 2022
Creative Inspiration for Business Holiday Cards 

For businesses, sending a personal holiday card is a way to say, “You’re more than just a client – you’re a friend.” During the busiest time of the year, however, it can be hard to dedicate time to finding the perfect business holiday cards. You don’t want it to be up tossed in the trash because it looks generic or like an advertisement. Making your holiday card unique with unexpected design elements such as gold foil, watercolor designs or a friendly photo, however, can help you reach your clients and show them you care 

Ready to spread a little cheer and client appreciation this year? Here’s some creative inspiration for your business holiday cards. 

Gold Foil

When it comes to creating a great holiday card for your business, it’s all about the details. Adding gold, silver or bronze foil is a great way to add something extra without being overbearing. This metallic material shimmers and sparkles in the light, making your card look extra luxurious. You can also add foil to your envelope or incorporate it into your brand logo. Pair it with a classic, minimalist design for a look that’s polished, professional and charming.  

Watercolor Designs

If you’re looking for a more traditional design for your business holiday cards, watercolor illustrations might be exactly what you’re looking for this year. From Santa Claus to a jolly snowman, the possibilities are endless. Try working with a graphic designer to take your design to the next level or asking someone within your organization to lend their creative skills. You can even incorporate your brand logo or a picture of your company’s headquarters into the illustration. 

Creative Cutout

If you want to think outside the box with your cards this year, consider cutting them into a creative shape such as a tree, star or ornament. For a simpler option, you can incorporate an interesting border shape to your design, such as rounded edges or a zig-zag cut. Just be sure to select the right size envelope to fit your creative card. 

Friendly Photos

Perhaps the best way to make your business holiday cards stand out is to include what makes your company special – the friendly faces who work there. Don’t worry about having the perfect, professional group shot, however. A simple selfie, candid or silly picture taken on a phone are perfect. Your clients will love seeing your team, and the card might just earn a spot on the fridge. For added personalization, ask team members to sign or add a simple message to the card.  

Your Business Holiday Card Headquarters

Sending out holiday cards might take a little time and effort, but the rewards are worth it. In addition to building awareness for your brand, it reminds each and every one of your clients that you know them by name. It shows them you care and value their business. It reminds them that you’re not just a business – you’re a part of the community. 

The holidays can be a hectic time of year – let Target Print & Mail help you out. We’ll get your order done right and done quickly with no hassle, producing high-quality cards on the right paper, vibrant ink and a large variety of design options. We even have a graphic designer on staff who can help you craft the perfect design. The best part? We can get the cards into your clients’ hands for you. Once your order is placed, we can print your cards, put them in envelopes, add the postage them and send them out – making your life just a little bit easier.  

Don’t try to do it all yourself this year – call Target Print & Mail today to get started. We’d love to work with you.