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Custom Sticker Printing: Messaging That Sticks

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Published On: July 19th, 2022
Custom Sticker Printing: Messaging That Sticks

Stickers are easy and inexpensive branding items that will make a big impact and can serve as the perfect marketing tool for your business.

Why are stickers valuable for my brand?

Take a look at any water bottle, car bumper or laptop to find a myriad of brightly colored and fun stickers. People love to show off their unique passions, interests and affiliations. If they love your company, they’ll want to show it! These personal endorsements are genuine and authentic, empowering customers to share their style and become a vital part of the brand awareness campaign. Stickers are also highly cost effective, as it only takes a few stickers to make an impact. They can have a reach far beyond that of traditional advertising as your message goes wherever the customer goes.

There are a number of creative ways to use stickers from making packages look more professional to providing helpful resources and attracting potential customers to your website or social media platforms. But, where do you get started? With plenty of sticker materials and options to choose from, it may seem difficult to figure out exactly what would work best for you. Don’t feel stuck – we are here to help!

First: Where do you want your stickers to go?

Stickers come in all sorts of materials, with some materials better suited for indoor locations. So if your stickers will be placed outside on windows, car bumpers, water bottles or other places that come in contact with moisture, adhesive vinyl stickers would be a great solution. These versatile stickers work best for situations that require a more durable material.

You’ll often hear vinyl stickers referred to as water-resistant or waterproof. These two descriptions sound very similar, but there is a difference. Water-resistant stickers can last a short while when exposed to moisture or liquid, but will eventually degrade. Waterproof stickers are long-lasting and will continue to stay durable and functioning even when submerged in water.

Second: How many do you need?

Need just enough stickers for an upcoming convention or tabling event? Pre- or single-cut stickers work best for low-quantity orders. We can create custom stickers in just about any size or shape, and have machines that can print and cut them down based on your design. Hand these stickers to your customers and clients as a fun promotional item or small gift to thank them after a purchase.

Need a lot more? Consider stickers that come on a roll. With roll stickers, you can bulk order and be confident that you will have enough for all of your sticker needs. Roll sticker orders are a cost-effective way to show off your brand’s style.

Label stickers also often come in rolls, which is an inexpensive and easy way to add some extra pizzazz to product packaging! Customize your design material with BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) for extra durability or gold or silver foil to give the label an exciting shine.

With Target Print & Mail’s custom sticker printing, your brand can join in the fun and convey a message that sticks. Ready to create the perfect sticker for your brand? Let us bring your creative vision to life by calling us at 850.671.6600 or emailing us at hello@targetprintmail.com.