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Funny Signs: Creative Messages with a Purpose

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Published On: April 27th, 2023
Funny Signs: Creative Messages with a Purpose

How often do you drive down the street or walk through the mall and see more signs than you could count? You might even realize that you’ve passed dozens of signs without actually reading them. Why is that?

These signs don’t stand out to you. Perhaps after a quick glance, you already assume you know what it says. If you see a yellow folding sign on the ground, you assume the floor will be wet.

When sign designs are all the same, they don’t inspire us to pay attention to them.

Note: Not all signs are created equal. While brand and location signs are important, they don’t necessarily need to be as creative as other signs because they serve a specific function. In those cases, simple is often better.


Make Sure Your Sign Has a Purpose

In order to really capture your audience’s attention, great signs use creative messaging that still has a purpose—whether that is to be informative or instructional. All you need is some creative thinking and a printing partner that can handle the task of bringing your idea to life.

Whether your goal is to educate, grab attention, inform or inspire, here are some ideas for making funny signs that stand out.


Switch Things Up

Image from Pinterest

Do you want a creative idea for a sign without having to think too far out of the box? Not all creative or unusual signs need to be overly complicated.

This minimalist design shows how you can get unique results with a simple product. Rather than coming up with extravagant shapes and colors, consider altering other design elements like lighting, shape, transparency and lettering.

The sign’s message is rather straightforward, but it utilizes natural elements to emphasize how strong the sun is and why you should take a break from it to reduce skin damage.


Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out

Image from Reddit

Remember what we said about wet floor signs? No matter what kind of sign you need, you don’t have to make it look like everyone else’s. Play around with different fonts and bright colors.

Funny signs are what grab people’s attention, and can help your sign resonate with its audience. One way of doing this would be to choose a theme. Do you have a dance studio? If so, this “jazz hands” sign would be a perfect match.

Maybe you have a bookstore and could feature signs with various famous book characters. Or maybe you work at a seafood restaurant and want your signs to be ocean themed—whether that is with pirates and mermaids or even just average sea creatures.

The world is your oyster as long as you know how to play up your strengths and stand out.


Make a Bold Statement

Images from Reddit

Is something weighing on your mind, but you don’t know if you should say it? Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement—that is what catches someone’s attention.

If an issue is important enough to make a sign, then it is important enough to be straightforward about. The graphic design element of your sign isn’t the only thing that can stand out. You can use words and phrases that get right to the point, such as an honest truth, an unspoken rule or a clever observation.

Whether you’re making a sign for a nature park or sports park, don’t hesitate to warn passersby about littering (or getting too invested in little league).


Get Creative with Target Print and Mail

Are you ready to make funny signs that stand out? Target Print and Mail is here to help with all of your sign needs—no matter how funny or unusual. We understand the value of creative messaging in capturing a viewer’s attention. We also understand how important it is for funny signs to have an actual purpose, whether it is warning beachgoers of the effects of extended sun exposure or letting shoppers know that the floor is wet.

Target Print and Mail can help you create a fun, clever or downright hilarious sign that gets your point across while staying true to your brand. Not sure where to start? We have a graphic designer on staff who would be happy to help bring your ideas to life.

Are you feeling inspired? Contact us today to get started.