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Giant Checks: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Published On: May 17th, 2023
Giant Checks: Here’s What You Need to Know

While paying with a check at the grocery store might be a somewhat obsolete form of payment today, the presentation of giant checks is still a relevant and common practice across countless industries.

Whether on television, movies, the news or social media, you’ve likely seen someone being awarded a giant check. Giant checks are not great for practical use but are instead viewed as synonymous with large gestures of charity or prize winnings.

Are you looking to make a grand gesture? If so, here is everything you need to know about giant checks.


The History of Giant Checks

While traditional checks/cheques have long been used as a form of payment, with origins dating back multiple centuries, giant checks are certainly not practical for this purpose.

The exact origin of checks is debated, but they gained significant popularity in sixteenth-century Europe. Eventually, they became the most popular form of noncash payment in the United States for much of the twentieth century.

Giant checks quickly popularized into a gesture of large donations and prizes. This has continued today, as these giant checks became a prop for photo ops, which create eye-catching material for media coverage and events.

One famous example of giant checks being publicized is that of Publishers Clearing House. Publishers Clearing House is known for videotaping and televising live footage of people being awarded giant checks for life-changing amounts of money. These videos gained great popularity and inspired viewers to enter for their own chance to get rich.


How to Customize Giant Checks

Material: Giant checks are generally made from a foam board material, similar to many signs. This material is lightweight, yet firm and thick enough to maintain its shape. If you plan to re-use the giant check, you may choose to have it dry-erase laminated. This allows the check to be written on, erased and re-used multiple times.

Size: When deciding how large to make your giant check, consider what purpose it has and what event it will be used at. Because giant checks are often used for photo ops, the size of the check will depend on the setting of the event and how many people will be holding it. While checks can be printed in any size, these general guidelines can help narrow your options down:

  • Small venues: If you are presenting a check at a small gathering or venue, the size range to consider might be anywhere from 18” x 36” to 20” x 40”. Generally, this size of check is best if only one or two people are holding it. If the check is being presented to a larger group, you will want to consider a larger size.
  • Large venues: If your check is being presented in a large space, such as the half court of a basketball stadium, you’ll want it to be 36” x 72” or larger. This ensures that a large group could hold the check while the audience would still be able to see it.


Ways to Use a Giant Check

Donations: Are you looking to make a significant donation to a local program or nonprofit? Handing over a large check puts your support into a physical form for others to see.

Sponsorships: Are you sponsoring a local event or initiative? A giant check is a great way to display your encouragement for the cause.

Fundraisers: Are you ready to share the proud earnings of a recent fundraiser? Plastering the final dollar amount on a giant check is an excellent way to display the success of the fundraiser and your appreciation for everyone involved. It goes to show that small contributions make a big difference when put together.

Scholarships: Giant checks can be used in addition to a letter when awarding a student with a scholarship. No matter what the scholarship is for, a giant check with a photo op is the perfect way to commemorate the moment.

Competition/Raffle Prizes: Whether you held a competition or random raffle, using a giant check is an excellent form of promo when awarding a winner.


Ready to Get Started?

Designing and ordering a giant check might sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. At Target Print and Mail, we understand the value of promotional products for large events and can handle the logistics for you.

With on-staff designers and unlimited customization, consider us your giant check headquarters. Are you ready for your check to make a big impression? Call us today to get started. We would love to work with you.