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Our Guide to Event Marketing Materials

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Published On: August 30th, 2022
Our Guide to Event Marketing Materials

Events are back and bigger than ever! Successful events require meticulous organization and clear goals to be successful, as event attendees are expecting more than a social affair – they want an engaging experience. Event signage and marketing materials play an integral role in establishing your brand and creating a memorable experience for your attendees.

Need some event marketing help? Here is our guide to planning, designing and using event signage and marketing materials to take your event to the next level.

Before the event

In the months before the event, work with your event planning team to define a clear theme and branding message. The theme and branding message will drive the design of all your event signage and marketing materials.

Creating an experience for your attendees begins with the first piece of marketing material they receive. Will you send formal invitations, save-the-date cards, flyers or brochures? Do you have a specific guest list or would a direct mail campaign be a better fit? Will your guests need tickets to enter the event?

It is important to make sure your event planning team and printing team are aware of all the details prior to your event. Most printed items require at least two weeks to be created and printed. After discussing your branding guidelines and item wish list, you’ll want to determine the best materials for your needs. The materials used for signage and marketing can vary based on the answers to a few basic questions: Will your event take place inside or outside? Will these signs and marketing materials be used for several events or just one?

During the event

As the event date gets closer, decide how and where you will advertise. Posters, brochures and flyers with creative messaging can be effective in getting the word out. You will also need to determine the best way to help attendees find their way. Yard signs, floor signs and other directional signage can help organize the flow of foot traffic. You can also label meeting spaces with room signs and highlight sponsors with signage and banners. Venues will have their own s rules and guidelines when it comes to signage and marketing materials. Be sure to meet with the venue’s event coordinator to determine any sizing requirements or placement limitations.

Another important part of any event is creating a welcoming environment and community. Printed name badges and business cards can help with introductions and connections at the beginning of the event, and planned goody bags or custom promotional items such as stickers will keep your brand top of mind long after the event comes to a close.

To make things a lot easier, assemble a top-notch printing and marketing team with Target Print & Mail. With the knowledge of our community and beyond, we can help you navigate your signage and marketing needs. As your local one-stop shop for all your printing, marketing and graphic design needs, our team of professionals will help you plan and execute a truly fantastic and memorable event.