Direct Mail


Mailing works! We believe in the power and the convenience of direct mail, and we are here to help candidates deliver their message to the mailbox. We can design, print and mail out just about any quantity of postcards or letters. We can also generate targeted lists of supervoters to ensure you’re reaching the voters you need in order to win.

Tradeshow & Display Graphics


Choose from a huge variety of tradeshow and display graphics here. See something you like? Contact us and request an estimate. Online Catalog

Graphic Design


Target Print & Mail has a talented graphic designer on staff who is available to help with just about any design needs you may have.  Our designer can do logo design and help with custom graphics, or can lay out a newsletter or annual report.  She is especially good at designing for print, and can design things like postcards and flyers quickly and easily.  We charge a prorated rate for graphic design based on how long the project takes, and you will only pay for the # of minutes our designer is actively working on your project.

Promotional Items


Promo Items or Advertising Specialties have staying power. There are not many better ways to get your brand in the hands of potential customers in a tangible, memorable way. Please click here to be directed to our promo item online catalog to browse for ideas. Online Catalog

Target Packet Professor Portal


Compile all coursework and materials for students to purchase for your course. Target Packets, or Custom Course Notes, help both you and your students stay on the same page throughout the semester. Would you like to Renew an existing Target Packet or Submit a New Target Packet?