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Printed Political Campaign Supplies That Every Candidate Needs

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Published On: April 1st, 2022
Printed Political Campaign Supplies That Every Candidate Needs

Running for political office? From buttons to flyers, signs and more, there are many items you’ll need to help spread the word about who you are and what you believe in.

While there are many options out there, here are the best printed political campaign supplies that every politician needs for a successful campaign.

Business Cards

After announcing you’re running for office, you’ll need a way for people or potential donors to contact you for more information. Be sure you have fresh, engaging business cards with your campaign contact info to hand out at events and while you’re out and about in the community.

Acrylic Nametags

When it comes to running for office, your name is everything. Be sure it’s always visible. Also, never underestimate the power of branding. An acrylic nametag that is durable and professional will help you stand out in the crowd.

Vehicle Magnets

Turn your car into a moving billboard for your campaign with vehicle magnets! Unlike bumper stickers, magnets are easy to remove and don’t leave a mark on your vehicle. Don’t forget to get a few extras for friends and family so they can help spread the word about your campaign.

Bumper Stickers

You’re passionate about your cause, and your followers will be, too. Hand out stickers to supporters, friends, and family to put on laptops, water bottles, notebooks, cars and more. Also, don’t forget about a well-designed logo with your name and bright colors to catch the eye of future voters.


Looking for another promotional item to pass out to supporters? Add buttons to your list. A simple design featuring your name and the election year, buttons are a classic (yet relatively inexpensive) way to become a walking, moving billboard for your campaign.

Banners for Events

Whether you’re hosting fundraising events, parties or attending a community parade, banners are a must. Vinyl or mesh banners are durable and eye catching and will last your entire campaign. They are also available for indoor or outdoor purposes and in many different sizes and shapes.

Yard Signs

When thinking about political campaigns, yard signs are one of the first things that come to mind – and for good reason. Be sure Coroplast plastic yard signs are at the top of your list, which feature interior fluting fits H stakes for easy insertion and removal. These signs are waterproof, resistant to stains, scratches and more.


It’s time to show the community who you are what you believe in. Flyers are perfect for handing out when going door to door, talking to people at events, or sending directly in the mail. Be sure to include who you are, why you are running and why people should care about the issues you stand for.

Palm Cards

Palm cards will always play a role in helping to spread the word about your campaign and can produced in a wide range of sizes and styles. They are the perfect small leave-behind to help create buzz and are something the voter can easily keep to review your information before going to the poles.

Door Hangers

Canvasing the neighborhood but no is one home? Consider adding door hangers with your information to your campaign supplies list. Door hangers come in several standard sizes to fit your needs and are hard to miss when homeowners walk in their homes!

Direct Mail Pieces

Whether you’re asking for donations, trying to share more about your story, or working to get your name out there, direct mail is a must when running for office. Options range from postcards to letters, flyers and more. Adding direct mail to your marketing plan is a tried-and-true way to increase credibility and name recognition.

Whether you’re looking for direct mail options, banners for an event, flyers to hand out, yard signs or acrylic nametags, Target Print & Mail is here to serve you and all your campaign needs.

For more information on the best printed political campaign supplies, or to start an order, contact us today.