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Yard Signs


Need to get the message out? Our yard sign printing process is an easy and cost-effective way to spread the news without breaking the bank. Whether you need one sign or 1,000, we can produce eye-catching yard signs on durable corrugated plastic or coroplast materials.



You have big dreams for your next project. We can print big posters to match. Whether you’re promoting an event, advertising your business or decorating an office space, posters are a timeless and versatile choice. We print our posters on high-quality paper so your artwork and designs can last for years.

PVC Signs


PVC material is a smooth rigid substrate that is ideal for creating large outdoor or indoor signs. It is durable and can survive outside for a long time, and is a good alternative to coroplast or foam board. We can produce PVC signs that are up to 4’ x 8’ in size, or can provide custom cut PVC signs in any shape you need.

Wall Graphics


Want to give a retail or office space a whole new look? Try custom vinyl wall graphics. From interior walls to outdoor window displays and doors, this versatile sign option can completely transform a blank surface.

Window Graphics


Want to create a professional-looking storefront that customers can’t resist? Give vinyl window graphics a try! Whether you want to display your store hours on the door or create a large window design that will wow your clients, vinyl window graphics can transform any glass surface.

Construction Signs


Target Print & Mail is proud to work with many construction companies on jobsite signage, including large project signs and small directional signs to help keep the jobsite safe.

Polystyrene Signs


Polystyrene is a thin plastic sheet that we can print directly onto with our UV printer, and cut to any size or shape you need up to 4’ x 8’. Polystyrene is very strong considering it’s only 0.03” thick, and it is an ideal material for interior or exterior signage in demanding locations. Consider polystyrene for your next trade show display, POP or partition.

Corrugated Plastic Signs


We all know about corrugated plastic yard signs, but did you know that this durable material can be used to produce a sign in any shape all the way up to 4’ x 8’. If you need an affordable sign that will hold up outside and can be mounted anywhere, consider corrugated. It is colorfast, waterproof and stain-resistant, and is resistant to dings and scratches.

Car Magnets


If you want your business or organization to be seen all over town – you need car magnets. Whether you print a simple logo or a fun slogan, car magnets are great because they require less commitment from the recipient. Car magnets are more likely to end up on the back of a car than a traditional bumper sticker.

Acrylic Signs


Acrylic signs are a modern twist on traditional printing for your signs and images. Made from clear material, they are fully customizable solution for your business or home.

Floor Graphics


Whether you’re trying to encourage social distancing, give directions at an event or show customers where to stand in line, floor decals are a simple and inexpensive way to manage customer traffic.