Project Description

Looking for a long-lasting outdoor sign solution? Consider our custom printed aluminum signs.

Not every outdoor sign is created to withstand rain, heat, sun and cold weather. Some signage materials turn yellow and become brittle while others simply fall apart.

At Target Print & Mail, our custom printed aluminum signs are printed with vibrant UV ink on a weatherproof aluminum material designed to withstand damage from the Florida sun.

Why should you consider an aluminum outdoor sign?

If you look around you, you’ll see evidence of aluminum in every street, national park and interstate exit. Aluminum is a lightweight material so it is easy to install, especially in locations high off the ground. It is also a great option for a company sign on your front door.

The rigid nature and smooth surface of aluminum make it a perfect base for our vibrant UV inks. Imagine your logo or artwork featured on a long-lasting custom aluminum sign or art.

Our aluminum signs are also rustproof. There is nothing worse than designing and ordering the perfect sign only to see rust stains beginning to appear. With our custom printed aluminum signs, the worry over rust is gone!

Along with the weather resistance and rustproof nature of the material, aluminum signs are a perfect canvas to display original art. Using a digital image of the original design you can print vibrant, long-lasting signs featuring your artwork. Whether you’re looking to display artwork in your business or your personal gallery, aluminum signs are a great option to consider.

Aluminum signs are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

As you are considering sign options, keep in mind that we can print custom aluminum signs in any size. Though it is a rigid material, aluminum signs can be trimmed to accommodate unique designs and shapes.

If you have a design in mind, we can help find the right specifications before printing. If you have some general ideas but need design help, our full-time graphic designer can create the perfect aluminum sign for you.

Custom printed aluminum signs may be a great option for your business if you’re looking for:

  • Front office door signage
  • Outdoor signage for your building
  • Lobby signage or artwork

Whatever you have in mind, the Target Print & Mail team is ready to make it happen for you. To get a quote or learn more about custom printed aluminum signs, contact our team online or email