Project Description

Mailing works! We believe in the power and the convenience of direct mail, and we are here to help our clients deliver their message to the mailbox.

We know that planning a mailing project isn’t easy. We break down the planning process into these 3 simple steps: Target, Print & Mail!

Target – It’s all about who you’re reaching.

Are you providing your own list, or do you need our help finding your target market?

  1. If providing your own list, we simply need an Excel spreadsheet with columns for Name, Address, City, State and Zip.
  2. If you need our help generating a list, we can break that down for you by a ton of different data points such as age, race, gender, household income, education level, zip code, neighborhood, proximity to a point on a map, and many more!

Print – Make it beautiful, memorable and targeted with a compelling call to action!

Do you have a finished print-ready file for us to run? Or would you like our help laying a piece out for you?

  1. If you have a file ready to print, we can print any just about quantity from 5 to 500,000. We can also print variable pieces, with data and addresses merged automatically so that each printed piece is personalized.
  2. If you need us to design it for you, our in-house graphic designers are here to get the job done and our team of mailing experts can help you develop a winning campaign. We can design something starting from a blank page, can spruce up something that’s almost finished, or can provide guidance for you on mailing layouts such as where to put the address block and indicia.

Mail – Postage costs add up, and we can help you save by mailing smart.

Projects can be time-consuming and expensive, but you may be able to cut your postage costs in half by taking advantage of bulk rate postage, and we can do all of the setup work for you. We can take on the job of addressing, stuffing, sealing, stamping and sorting, and then we deliver your mailer directly to the post office. We take pallets of mail to the post office every day, and no mailing project is too small or too large.

Let Target Print & Mail help you get your message to the mailbox in the most effective and most affordable way!