Project Description

Outdoor road signs are a great way to combine our vibrant, UV printing with versatile signs that are available in a variety of sizes.

When you need your message to be seen by drivers and pedestrians, consider our outdoor signs a perfect solution.

Based on the location and length of time you intend to use the signs, we have a variety of options to fit your needs.

What is the best material for an outdoor road sign?

We offer several road sign materials including aluminum, PVC, polystyrene and corrugated plastic. While all of these materials are good options for outdoor road signs, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Aluminum is rustproof and waterproof, making it the ideal material for outdoor road signs. In fact, most of the road signs you see on streets and highways are aluminum due to it being lightweight and long-lasting.

PVC is a rigid, waterproof and durable plastic that comes in sheets of different thicknesses. The smooth, dent-resistant finish is a perfect surface for full color printing on your outdoor signs and is considered to last longer than most materials, except for aluminum.

Corrugated plastic is made of a folded or pleated core sandwiched between two flat plastic sheets, making it rigid and lightweight. As a waterproof material, corrugated plastic also stands up well under sunlight and cold, making it a good option for outdoor signs you plan on using for a while.

Polystyrene is a flexible plastic that is easily cut to any size or shape. Like PVC, the smooth, waterproof surface is great for full color printing. It can, however, become brittle from sun exposure. It is an affordable option for road signs needed for a limited time.

Outdoor Road Sign Installation

Depending on the material, size and location of your outdoor road signs, installation of your signs will vary. For smaller signs meant for yards or medians, metal “H” shaped stakes are often used. Larger signs may require aluminum or wood framing to secure the sign.

Whatever you need, our experienced team can help you find the signage solution.

We are here to help you determine the best option for your budget and road signage needs. Whether you need one small sign that will be used for a week or a large outdoor road sign that is needed for over a year, we will design and print a sign that quickly captures the attention of drivers and pedestrians.

To get started, contact us to talk to our team or email