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Signage Solutions at Target Print & Mail

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Published On: August 22nd, 2022
Signage Solutions at Target Print & Mail

Signs play a pivotal role in the sales, branding and overall success of your business. At Target Print & Mail, we can create just about any sign to suit your signage needs. But with so many options to choose from, you might not know where to start!

To help, here is our guide to some of our custom signage solutions.

Aluminum Signs

If you look around you, you’ll see aluminum signs on every street, in national parks and at every interstate exit. Aluminum signs are built out of lightweight material, which makes them easy to install, especially in locations high off the ground. Aluminum is rustproof and is resistant to weather making it the perfect option to display your message, name or logo for a long time.

Custom printed aluminum signs may be a great option for your business if you’re looking for:

  • Front door office signage
  • Outdoor signage for your building
  • Lobby signage or artwork


A picture is worth a thousand words, and so is a great banner. Banners are a versatile signage solution with two printing options: vinyl and mesh materials. Vinyl is the most common banner printing material and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Mesh banners are made from strong polyester material, great for outdoor locations with high wind. While the materials differ in how their fibers are bound together, both are great options to showcase everything from solid colors to vivid photographs.

Banners may be a great option for your business if you’re looking for:

  • Event signage
  • Sign to stand next to or in the front of a table display
  • Sponsor sign for an outdoor fence

Foam Boards

Looking for a convenient sign option for your business or event? Easy-to-print foam board provides instant signage that is easily customizable to your desired shape and size. Unlike floppy poster board, foam board signs are printed on rigid, lightweight material that will stand straight on any easel or fold out for professional tabletop display.

While not suitable for extended outdoor use, foam boards can be used for:

  • Parking and directional signage
  • Tabletop displays
  • Tri-fold display
  • Event signage

PVC Signs

From outdoor menus to large, branded signs, PVC is a popular option for indoor and outdoor use.

PVC is incredibly versatile because each 4 x 8-foot sheet can be cut into any size or shape imaginable. Longer-lasting than foam boards, PVC is waterproof and won’t turn yellow and brittle in the sun. You can also print on it with our vibrant UV inks, add vinyl lettering or cut holes to create an attractive hanging sign. When thinking about possible PVC sign designs, think outside the rectangle!

PVC is a great choice for:

  • Outdoor menus
  • Large, branded signs
  • Memo boards (just leave a blank space for sticky notes)

Wall and Window Graphics

Want to give a retail or office space a whole new look? Try custom vinyl wall or window graphics.

From interior walls to outdoor window displays and doors, this versatile sign option can completely transform a blank surface. Our custom graphics are printed and cut to your exact specifications on high-quality adhesive vinyl material. This material is meant to last, so your design will continue to look great for years to come.

Vinyl graphics can be used for:

  • Eye-catching art designs to display your slogan or core values
  • Displaying information, such as store hours

Yard Signs

Need to get the message out? Yard signs are an easy and cost-effective way to spread the news without breaking the bank. Yard signs can be custom cut to create any manner of shapes and sizes required for your design. UV printed in full bleed, each yard sign will brightly display your photo, design or message.

Yard signs are great for a number of different purposes, including:

  • Neighborhood events
  • Political campaigns and messaging
  • School honor roll recognition or graduation announcements
  • Real estate marketing

While this list covers a lot, there are even more signage options to discover on our website. Target Print & Mail is proud to be Tallahassee’s premier provider of commercial printing, signs, mailing and graphic design solutions. Ready to create your perfect custom signage solution? Contact us today to get started.