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10 Great Promotional Items for Businesses

Promotional Items

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Published On: September 21st, 2022
10 Great Promotional Items for Businesses

Whether you’re reaching out to new customers or showing appreciation for current ones, it’s important for every customer to remember your name. Creating and sharing quality promotional products is a great way to accomplish that goal. When done right, these items can have a huge impact on your brand name and build your reputation in the community.

Looking to expand your brand’s reach? Here are 10 great promotional items for businesses that your customers will love – and remember you by.

1. Collapsible Food Container With Dual Utensil

No matter who your ideal customer is, they probably eat lunch. These collapsible silicone food containers are BPA-free and dishwasher/microwave safe, plus they come in multiple color options. Customize each one with your logo – there’s even space for additional text if you want to add a fun message.

2. Light-Up Alarm Clock

Want to get your brand name out there at just the right time? Consider these color-changing alarm clocks, which also display the date and temperature on the light-up LED display. Position your brand name where your future customers will see it daily.

3. Mini-Iron

Remind your customers how smooth you are! These mini, on-the-go irons are helpful for anyone traveling to a meeting, conference or just a day in the office. Your logo is printed on the handle, so customers will think of you each time they reach for it. 

4. Adult DryBlend® Hooded Sweatshirt 

There’s a reason why basic items such as T-shirts and sweatshirts are popular promotional items for businesses – people love them. This comfortable hoodie is made with DryBlend® material to keep its wearer looking, and feeling, cool. Your customer will get a new favorite hoodie, and you’ll get invaluable brand exposure as they wear it to run errands or go for a walk around the neighborhood.  

5. 12 Oz. Marble Stemless Wine Cup 

Cups are another great option for easy brand exposure, because so many people take them on-the-go. This marble stemless wine cup is designed to keep beverages hot or cold – so ice water stays cold and coffee stays piping hot. A trendy white marble background adds to the appeal.  

6. Alvin Gel Soft Pen 

If you want to try out a promotional item without breaking the bank, pens are a great low-cost option. These soft gel pens are the kind you want to “accidentally” take with you when borrowed from a friend. They come in a variety of bold colors including cool gray, blue and lime. 

7. Outdoor Wooden Cover Folding Box 

Most people are always interested in additional storage solutions, and this wooden cover folding box could be just the thing to help your customers get organized. Meant to be used outdoors, it’s a great option for back patios, sports equipment, camping and more. Multiple logo placement choices ensure your brand name will really stand out. 

8. Tic-Tac-Toe Desktop Game 

Another place your customers could see your name every day? Their desks, either at home or in the office. This cute tic-tac-toe game is both decorative and functional. Made of sturdy wood, you can add both your brand logo and an additional message. They also make great gifts for a holiday party or other event. 

9. Knit Beanie

Keep you customers warm in these cozy knit hats. With your logo prominently displayed on the front, the wearer effectively serves as a walking advertisement for your brand in the community. Made of 100 percent acrylic material, they’ll become a fall and winter staple in your customers’ closets. 

10. UL Listed Wireless Charging Dock and Power Bank 

Power up your advertising strategy with these convenient power banks. The upright design holds a phone or other device without taking up much space, ensuring devices are charged up and ready to go. Customers will want to hold onto this one for years – which means they’ll also hang onto your brand name or message. 

Promotional Products That Stick with Your Customers 

Today, there are many effective ways to market your brand or organization, from face-to-face communication to direct mail and signage. Promotional products are a great tool to add to your advertising strategy because they provide more than a passing glance. Your messaging will – quite literally – stay with your customers if the item finds a place in their home or office. Then, when they’re looking for a product or service you provide, they won’t have to look too far. 

Target Print & Mail can help you optimize your advertising budget by getting the right products into the hands of your ideal customers. We create promotional items for businesses that are polished, professional and ready right on time. Our team can help guide you to the products that are best-suited to your specific goals. Click here to contact us or get a quote today.