Shine Bright: How Gold Foil Can Elevate Your Print Products

In the printing world, there are few finishing options that can match the elegance and sophistication of gold foiling. Foiling involves the application of a thin layer of metallic foil to a printed material, often using gold, silver, iridescent or rose gold foil colors. While there are numerous methods and types of foiling options, one thing is certain: Foiling is a versatile and elegant way to upgrade the quality of your printed products.

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Giant Checks: Here’s What You Need to Know

While paying with a check at the grocery store might be a somewhat obsolete form of payment today, the presentation of giant checks is still a relevant and common practice across countless industries. Whether on television, movies, the news or social media, you’ve likely seen someone being awarded a giant check. Giant checks are not great for practical use but are instead viewed as synonymous with large gestures of charity or prize winnings. Are you [...]

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Funny Signs: Creative Messages with a Purpose

How often do you drive down the street or walk through the mall and see more signs than you could count? You might even realize that you’ve passed dozens of signs without actually reading them. Why is that? These signs don’t stand out to you. Perhaps after a quick glance, you already assume you know what it says. If you see a yellow folding sign on the ground, you assume the floor will be wet. [...]

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Let Your Business Soar: A Guide to Feather Flags

When you want to grab the attention of passersby, feather flags are an excellent way to promote your business or bring attention to an event. There are many sign options, each with its own strengths, and these customizable banners are portable, efficient and vibrant, which is why they are so popular and often used for catching the attention of drivers passing by. Are you ready for your business to take flight? Here's how feather flags [...]

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Save Time and Money with Order Fulfillment

When it is time to order products for large events and initiatives, coordinating this process can be a handful. Often, this involves ordering large quantities of promotional products and handouts, receiving them and redistributing them to your audience. Thankfully, order fulfillment can prevent this headache by streamlining the process of ordering products and having them sent to your clients for you. With order fulfillment, the printing company handles all of the logistics so you don’t [...]

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Why You Should Print Business Cards in 2023 

When it comes to getting your name out there, business cards are a great option. The “old school” practice of handing out a physical card is still around for a reason – it works. However, it’s almost 2023, and you don’t want your business card to look like it was made in 1993. From cool materials to QR codes, there are great design options that will truly take your cards to the next level. [...]

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Color Matching and the Pantone Color of the Year

Are you looking to choose a color that’s right on trend for your next project? Look no further than the recently announced Pantone Color of the Year: Viva Magenta.  This color is a deep mauve-red tone and was chosen to represent joy and strength for the new year.  Not sure what all the hype is about? The Pantone Matching System is a color reproduction standard in which colors across the spectrum are each identified [...]

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Creative Inspiration for Business Holiday Cards 

For businesses, sending a personal holiday card is a way to say, “You’re more than just a client – you’re a friend.” During the busiest time of the year, however, it can be hard to dedicate time to finding the perfect business holiday cards. You don’t want it to be up tossed in the trash because it looks generic or like an advertisement. Making your holiday card unique with unexpected design elements such as [...]

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Creative Sign Ideas for Your Business

A great sign can say a lot about a business. When’s the last time you updated yours? If you’re looking to update the look of your business or organization, consider taking your signage to the next level with creative sign ideas.   While most signs are basic, rectangular and no-nonsense, there are other possibilities to consider. For instance, you can cut many sign materials to any size and shape, including PVC, foam board and aluminum, [...]

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