Foam Board Printing

Looking for a convenient sign option? Let us print custom foam board signs for your business or event.

Easy to print foam board provides instant signage for any event, conference or meeting. Unlike floppy poster board, foam board signs are printed on a rigid, lightweight material that will stand up straight on any easel or easily fold out for a professional tabletop display.

You may have heard foam board referred to as foam core, paper-faced board, or foam core board. All of those names are used for the same product – a foam core sandwiched between two pieces of printable paper.

Foam board is easily customized in both size and shape. Do you need a 2’ x 4’ sign with the shape of waves along the top? Our experienced design and production team can make it happen. When you’re ready to order, keep in mind that we do not require an order minimum, so you can purchase as many printed foam board signs as you need without wasting money on ones you don’t.

To get started, submit the form below or contact our team at 850-671-6600.