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Creative Sign Ideas for Your Business

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Published On: October 25th, 2022
Creative Sign Ideas for Your Business

A great sign can say a lot about a business. When’s the last time you updated yours? If you’re looking to update the look of your business or organization, consider taking your signage to the next level with creative sign ideas.  

While most signs are basic, rectangular and no-nonsense, there are other possibilities to consider. For instance, you can cut many sign materials to any size and shape, including PVC, foam board and aluminum, depending on the type of sign you need. Adding creative designs with vibrant UV ink, vinyl lettering or even cutouts can help create a dynamic and attractive sign.  

When considering new sign designs, think outside the rectangle and create something new. Here are a few creative sign ideas to get you started. 

Cutout Emblem Sign

While this sign for The Bike has a simple, clean design, the banner cutout adds depth. As a result, it creates an eye-catching effect for potential customers. The style uses multi-colored, vibrant ink to highlight the recognizable logo. You don’t just want customers to see you sign, after all – you want it to be remembered. 

This style is great fit for event promotion, a pop-up boutique or a conference hall.  

Fun Custom Shape


Want a look that’s creative, unique and fun? This sign for a Greek organization, cut into the shape of a car, is a fun twist on the classic sign. A car is just one option, however. You can create signs in any shape you can imagine. From a bakery cupcake to a bookmark for the local library, a great creative team can help you achieve that perfect look. This is a great way to paint a picture about your business and what you represent. Show, don’t tell! 

This style is a great fit for a coffee shop, bakery, bookstore, library, party planning business or collegiate organization. 

Logo with a Twist 

If you want to create a more understated look for your business, consider a design choice like this logo cutout. Choosing an unusual shape adds a level of visual interest while making the branding more distinct and recognizable. Designers can create a variety of looks, from fun and bold to professional and understated (like this example for Black Coffee). 

This style is a great fit for a non-profit organization, upscale boutique, touring musician or creative office décor. 

Classic Shape with Creative Design Elements

Thinking about creating a visually interesting sign, but aren’t sure if a cutout shape is the right look for your business? You can choose to integrate creative design elements in a classic-cut sign, such as this colorful sign for the First Responders Initiative. When working with bright colors and designs, a well-balanced look is key.  

This style is a great fit for a non-profit, service organization or government organization. 

Let Us Help You Think Outside the Rectangle

A great sign will do far more than just tell passers-by the name of your business. It will also show off your brand’s personality, help you stand out from the crowd and bring in the right customers 

The Target Print & Mail team won’t just help you print the perfect sign – we can help you brainstorm, create and finalize the right design for you. From simple logos to a full-color design, we love a challenge, so give us your best ideas and we’ll make it happen. Known for our team of friendly, skilled professionals, we’re committed to getting your project done right and right on time.  

Email us today at hello@targetprintmail.com to get started!