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Published On: December 13th, 2023
Direct Mail Marketing Options

If you aren’t using direct mail marketing for your business, you’re missing out on connecting with potential customers. 

Why direct mail? This cost-effective option allows you to target specific demographics, geographic locations or customer segments. Mailpieces can also be personalized, which creates a sense of connection and can significantly improve response rates. 

In addition, direct mail offers creative freedom in design and format. You can experiment with various formats, colors, textures and interactive elements to create visually appealing and engaging direct-mail pieces. 

Interested in direct mail marketing and not sure where to get started? Here are a few traditional and non-traditional mailing options your target audience will love.  

Traditional Options 

While many successful direct mail campaigns consist of letters or postcards, there are a variety of options you can send in the mail, including: 

  • Brochures. Have information to share? Brochures can include product catalogs, service offerings and other promotional content.  
  • Catalogs. This old-school marketing technique is still around for a reason. Ideal for businesses with a wide range of products.  
  • Samples. Show customers why they’re going to love your brand! Sending free samples through direct mail allows potential customers to experience the product firsthand.  
  • Coupons/Vouchers. Who doesn’t love scoring a great deal? Coupons entice recipients to make a purchase by offering discounts, special deals or freebies.  
  • Promotional Products. Promotional products are always a hit. Try items such as pens, magnets or USB drives branded with your company logo to build brand awareness and loyalty.  
  • Event Invitations. Have a big event coming up? Sending personal invitations in addition to online advertising can create anticipation and encourage attendance. 
  • Surveys or Feedback Forms. Use surveys to gather valuable feedback from customers. 

Each of these tried-and-true options can help you achieve your business goals while staying on budget. Work with a direct mail company to ensure you choose the right option for your business or campaign. 

Getting Creative 

If you really want to think outside the box, try one of these creative direct mail marketing options for your next campaign: 

  • Interactive Mailers. Want to make a big impression? Design mailers with interactive elements such as QR codes, pop-ups, pull tabs or flip sections.  
  • Surprise Inside. Add an element of surprise inside the envelope, such as a small gift, confetti or a creative pop-up element.  
  • Seed Paper Mailers. Use eco-friendly seed paper for your direct-mail materials. Recipients can plant the paper, and it will grow into flowers or herbs. 

When it comes to creative options, the sky’s the limit. If you can pay for postage, you can most likely send it to a potential customer. Just check with an expert – such as the post office or your local printer (such as yours truly) – to make sure your items are compatible with direct mail. 

Best Practices 

Feeling inspired and ready to get the ball rolling? Remember: The key to a successful direct mail campaign is more than just the items–it’s the strategy behind them. Here are a few things to consider before launching your campaign: 

What are your goals? Determine what you want to achieve with your direct-mail campaign. Whether it’s generating sales, increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic or collecting leads, having clear goals will guide your strategy.  

Do you have a clear call to action? Whether it’s making a purchase, visiting a website or calling a toll-free number, the call to action should be prominent and easy to follow. Adding an interactive element like a QR code helps with tracking response and makes the piece expand beyond the printed piece. 

Are you using high-quality materials? High-quality paper and interesting design elements like metallics, die cutting or interesting textures can enhance the perceived value of your offer. 

Does your mailpiece meet USPS regulations?  One of the most challenging parts of designing a mailpiece is making sure it fits within USPS guidelines.  Consulting with a mailing expert early in the design process can end up saving a ton of time and money. 

Team Up with Target Print & Mail 

If you want to create a direct mail marketing campaign that really works, we’re here to help. Our expert team can help you pick the best options from design to materials, so you get a clear return on your investment, every time. Click here to request a quote today.