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Large Scale Printing: A Beginner’s Guide 


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Published On: January 30th, 2024
Large Scale Printing: A Beginner’s Guide 

Big projects require big printers. Whether you’re printing signs, banners or large posters, many printing needs go beyond the capabilities of a home printer in terms of size and quality. Here’s a quick guide to the materials commonly used for large scale printing and when it’s time to call a professional for help. 

Printing Signs and Banners 

Are you printing a sign for the promotion of your business? The printing process depends on the type of sign and materials used.  

  • Aluminum signs are built out of lightweight material, which makes them easy to install, especially in locations high off the ground.  
  • Banners are a versatile signage solution with two printing options: vinyl and mesh materials.  
  • Vinyl is the most common banner printing material and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.  
  • Easy-to-print foam board provides instant signage that is easily customizable to your desired shape and size.  
  • Yard signs can be custom cut to create any manner of shapes and sizes required for your design.  
  • Finally, PVC is a popular option for indoor and outdoor use. 

You can read more about different signage materials and solutions here. 

Of course, most signs require printers and equipment beyond the capabilities of most homes and offices and must be ordered through a commercial printer.  

Other Types of Large Scale Printing 

In addition to signage, there are other types of printing that require large printers, including: 

  • Large Graphics and Posters 
  • High-Quality Photo Enlargements 
  • Event and Trade Show Graphics 

These products are printed on more basic materials (such as paper and card stock) but require advanced equipment because of the paper size and resolution needed for clear text and images. 

Finding Cost-Effective Solutions 

Wondering if it might be more cost-effective to DIY your next print project? While you could theoretically save money over time, you would need to print a very large number of items before making back the cost of the printer. Most equipment capable of large scale printing is expensive and bulky, and can require costly maintenance with time. 

A few types of specialized printing equipment commonly found in commercial print shops includes: 

Dye-Based Inkjet Printers: These are ideal for producing high-quality photo prints and graphics. Dye-based inks are often used for vibrant and detailed images.  

Pigment-Based Inkjet Printers: Pigment-based inks are resistant to fading and can be used for outdoor signage.  

Color Laser Printers: These printers utilize laser technology for color printing on large sheets of paper. They’re also known for their speed and precision, making them a good choice for certain graphic applications.  

In almost all cases, it is much more cost effective to partner with a reliable local printer than to purchase this equipment for your business’ use. Plus, you benefit from the print staff’s years of specialized experience and knowledge– saving you time and money on troubleshooting issues yourself.  

Printing Done on Target 

At Target Print & Mail, we understand that your printing needs are unique to you. That’s why we provide a wide selection of printing equipment and a team of expertly trained staff who specialize in printing your project just right, right on time. 

We love working with your developed designs, but we also have a team of on-site designers to bring your ideas to life. Do you need your product shipped? We can do that, too! To view a full list of our products, check out our website here

Do you have additional questions? We are here to help. Give us a call at (850) 671-6600.