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Let Your Business Soar: A Guide to Feather Flags

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Published On: April 19th, 2023
Let Your Business Soar: A Guide to Feather Flags

When you want to grab the attention of passersby, feather flags are an excellent way to promote your business or bring attention to an event. There are many sign options, each with its own strengths, and these customizable banners are portable, efficient and vibrant, which is why they are so popular and often used for catching the attention of drivers passing by.

Are you ready for your business to take flight? Here’s how feather flags can help.

What is a feather flag?

At first glance, the term feather flag might be unfamiliar to you, but you’ve more than likely seen one before. Sometimes known as angled flags, feather banners, flex outdoor flags or flutter flags, feather flags are named after their shape.

Shaped like a bird’s feather, these flags also include a standing base and a pole. The pieces are often ordered separately, which opens up endless opportunities for customization and re-use—all you need to do is switch out the flag portion.

Feather flags are used for a large variety of promotional opportunities. When you drive down the street, you might see them advertising fresh hot pizza or a special brand of bicycle. You will also find them at career fairs, expos and conventions. Unlike some other sign types that have limited use, feather signs can be great for almost any setting or event.

Benefits of Feather Flags

  • Affordable: Compared to many other types of signs—especially heavier outdoor signs—feather flags are quite affordable. Additionally, they are also more cost-efficient to switch out when the time comes, given that you would only need to repurchase the flag rather than the entire structure.
  • Portable: Because feather flags often consist of just three pieces, they are very easy to break down, transport and set up again. This is a great sign option if you are going to an event and don’t want to tote around a bulky or heavy sign.
  • Eye-Catching: While the material of feather flags can differ, they are almost always made with vibrant dyes. The sleek design alongside rich colors is sure to make your sign stand out. Plus, a waving flag is guaranteed to catch attention no matter the surroundings.
  • Customizable: Feather flags come in many different shapes and sizes, making them very easy to customize. You can choose different shapes for the flag (traditional feather, straight, edge or teardrop). In addition to customizing the design of your sign, you can also choose whether you want it to be single or double-sided. There are also many options for the height of the pole and the type of base the pole is connected to.
  • Versatile: Because of the customizable and portable nature of feather flags, they can be used in many different ways. Whether you want a permanent fixture outside your office, a striking addition to your display table, something you bring to expos and fairs or even to advertise inside a mall, feather flags allow for that flexibility.

How to Use Your Feather Flag – Inspiration

Grand Openings: Is your business having a grand opening or re-opening? Feather flags are often used to advertise when an establishment opens. Often, passersby will see the buildings under construction and wonder when the business will actually be open. A feather flag is a great way to announce that you are open and ready for business.

Specials and Promotions: Do you have a special sale or promotion that you want to advertise? A brightly colored feather flag that advertises a sale is a great way to pull in customers. After all, everyone loves a good discount.

Welcome Visitors: No matter how long an establishment has been open, visitors always love to feel welcome. Whether at a park, fair or holiday event, feather flags are perfect for welcoming new and returning visitors. Not only do the welcome flags make visitors feel at home, but their location can often help direct traffic flow or show visitors where entrances are.

Trade Shows & Large Events: Do you have an upcoming trade show, expo or large event with countless exhibitors? Don’t worry about competition and fighting for the attention of visitors. With a brightly colored feather flag, your booth or table will be sure to stand out amongst competitors.

Product Display: Is your business known for something special? Whether you want to promote your hot and cheesy pizza, ice-cold lemonade, all-natural skincare or esthetician services, feather flags are an excellent choice for highlighting a specific product or service that you want to stand out. Simply include your logo, the product title in bold font and an image.

Let Your Business Soar with Target

No matter what you need to promote, feather flags are an excellent choice. With their portability, versatility and eye-catching nature, feather flags can easily capture your audience’s attention.

Are you ready for your business to soar? Target Print and Mail is here to help. Call us today for a free quote.