Project Description

Looking for construction signs that will keep your job site safe and look great doing it?

Target Print & Mail offers a number of size and material options to suit the needs of every project. The material we recommend for your sign depends on the type of construction site and how long the sign will be in use.

To help you get started here are three sign solutions to consider:

Aluminum Construction Signs

Construction sites often come with dust, dirt and other hazards that can damage your sign. For the most durable choice, consider aluminum. It holds up well against the wind, sun and rain and won’t crack if it’s hit by a piece of flying debris. These signs can be fastened to a metal pole or secured directly to a fence.

Aluminum is by far the longest-lasting choice for construction signs. It’s a great investment because the signs you create will last for years and can be re-used again and again.

PVC Construction Signs

PVC is another great option for construction signs. While not quite as durable as aluminum, it can last for months in the sun and resist the wear and tear of a job site. Its smooth surface is ideal for printing and looks great with our vibrant UV inks.

PVC signs can be mounted on a wooden board or frame.  You can also drill through the PVC material without it breaking or cracking.

Coroplast Construction Signs

If you need construction signs for short-term use, such as for a home remodel, coroplast or corrugated plastic can be a good option. While it is not as durable as other sign materials, coroplast is perfect for smaller signage. It’s also great for printing and has a sleek, professional look that’s perfect for branding or providing site information.

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No matter how big or small your construction project, we can help you find the sign solution that perfectly fits your needs. Request a quote today or contact us to talk to our team and get started.