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Why You Should Print Business Cards in 2023 

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Published On: January 10th, 2023
Why You Should Print Business Cards in 2023 

When it comes to getting your name out there, business cards are a great option. The “old school” practice of handing out a physical card is still around for a reason – it works. However, it’s almost 2023, and you don’t want your business card to look like it was made in 1993. From cool materials to QR codes, there are great design options that will truly take your cards to the next level. Here’s why you should still print business cards in 2023 – and how you can bring your design into the 21st century.  

Why Business Cards Still Work

You’re at a happy hour, and you’ve just made a new connection. Once you finish the conversation, you can simply grab a quick business card out of your wallet – and cement the new relationship. Even if your new acquaintance doesn’t need your services right now, they know exactly where to reach you once they do. And sometimes, new friends would rather not involve their phone, so a card can be a perfect bridge for a first contact.  

That’s the simple brilliance of a business card. Keeping a few on hand allows you to make a strong first impression as someone who is professional and prepared. The cards keep working after they leave your hands, giving prospective clients an actionable next step on how to work with you. 

As a bonus, in terms of marketing strategies, business cards are a budget-friendly investment. You don’t need to print a huge number to get started.  

Finally, a well-made business card can show off your personality, or your creativity – however you want to represent yourself. From a simple look to original art, the choice is in your hands. 

Creative Business Card Ideas

These days, there are countless design options to help your card stand apart from the rest. Before jumping into your design, however, it’s important to think about the brand you’ve created for your business. Do you want to be known as fun? Serious? Dependable? Creative? Intelligent? Design a card that reflects the brand image you’ve chosen for yourself. 

Some popular design options include: 

  • Heavy weight card stock  
  • Textured linen paper  
  • Foil accents 
  • Soft touch lamination  
  • Rounded corners  
  • Clear gloss highlights  
  • Cool cutout shapes  

In addition, QR codes have had a comeback in recent years and can be a great feature for your business cards. You can use the code to link to your website, a short video or even a contact form. Prospective clients will love how easy it is to access the information, and you’ll love making an impression without breaking the bank. 

Striking the Right Balance

Not sure whether your cards are sending the right message? A good business card design reflects who you are as a business or individual. One trap many businesses fall into, however, is getting a little too ambitious, resulting in a design that’s virtually impossible to read. Whatever you do, keep your design clean, simple and readable – it’s a good idea to get a second or even third opinion on this.  

The best business cards strike a balance between being creative but staying on topic with messaging that goes right to the point. It’s a good idea to work with a graphic designer to ensure your cards look the best that they can be. 

Trust the Experts

Target Print & Mail is your business card headquarters. From small businesses to huge orders, our friendly team can help you create cards that make your brand shine. Plus, our on-staff graphic designer is available to help with every little detail. We charge a prorated rate for graphic design based on how long the project takes, so you only pay for the number of minutes our designer is actively working on your project. 

We even offer special discounted FSU and FAMU student business cards for that can be customized with name, major, phone number, email and address information.   

Ready to print business cards that make a big impression on a small budget this year? Click here to get a quote today.