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Save Time and Money with Order Fulfillment

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Published On: April 5th, 2023
Save Time and Money with Order Fulfillment

When it is time to order products for large events and initiatives, coordinating this process can be a handful. Often, this involves ordering large quantities of promotional products and handouts, receiving them and redistributing them to your audience.

Thankfully, order fulfillment can prevent this headache by streamlining the process of ordering products and having them sent to your clients for you. With order fulfillment, the printing company handles all of the logistics so you don’t have to.


What does order fulfillment look like?

Each fulfillment process is different based on the needs of your project, but here are a few examples of the services that can be offered through order fulfillment:

  • Designing Products: Many printers have on-site designers that can help you with every stage of the design process.
  • Ensuring Cohesive Branding: When working with one company to create multiple products, the team’s designers ensure cohesive branding across a variety of items. For example, the designers can ensure that your brochures, booklets, and any other printed items have complementary designs and logos.
  • Inventory Management: Your printer will handle all aspects of inventory management, meaning you don’t have to worry about storage or any other steps between design and shipping. This step is especially helpful if you plan to order large quantities of multiple products or if the products you order would be large or difficult to handle.
  • Shipping Services: By outsourcing shipping with the same provider that prints your items, products can be mailed directly from one facility to your clients. You eliminate the step of having to pick up printed items and redistribute them yourself, which is particularly helpful when working with large quantities that would be difficult to ship yourself.


Advantages of Using Order Fulfillment

  1. Saves Money on Shipping Rates: Shipping your printed items from a printer can save you money by using bulk shipping rates. It can be cheaper and is certainly easier, than shipping it yourself.
  2. Save Time for Yourself: By selecting a printing company that will also coordinate and ship your orders for you, you save time by not having to retrieve freshly printed products and individually ship them yourself. Even if you did not plan to ship them yourself, order fulfillment still saves you time by not having to retrieve items from the printer and deliver them to a shipping service. Overall, you save a significant amount of time by allowing your printer to fulfill the products for you.
  3. Customers Receive Products Faster: By bypassing the process of receiving and individually shipping out items, your products will be delivered much faster to your clients, which results in more satisfied customers.


Target’s Order Fulfillment Services

By selecting a printer that provides order fulfillment, you are choosing a single provider that handles all the logistics for you. You no longer have to worry about keeping up with the process of tracking, redistribution and delivery.

Save yourself the time and hassle of coordinating large projects by working with a company that handles the process for you. Target Print and Mail can assist you with all of your fulfillment needs.


Take the Next Step with Target

At Target Print and Mail, we pride ourselves on providing a full-service fulfillment experience. With a 9,100-square-foot warehouse and a veteran team, we have ample experience managing inventory, packaging items and shipping out complex orders all over the country. This ensures that our clients receive our expertise at every step of the journey.

Let us make your life easier by simplifying and directing this process for you. Call or click to get a quote today.